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My Fitness Journey

Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting my website. For those who don't know me, I'd like to write a blog post about my fitness journey because everyone starts somewhere. So hereeeee we go!

I started my fitness journey 7 years ago, when I was about 16 years old. I was always the "skinny" one. I was sick of the "you should go eat a burger" comments, when in all reality I could eat 10x more than a football team put together. Now I know a lot of people didn't mean this in a harmful way, but this was something that bothered me, so it was time for a change. I wanted some muscle, some curves. What did I do about it? I watched my brother and sister lift, asked them questions. We had a mini gym in our basement with a bench and some dumbbells.I would look up exercises, ask my family for exercises to do, and created a desire for it. It was definitely a learning process, but I learned, and I became addicted.

Once I got more comfortable I took it a step further and I joined a gym, planet fitness actually, and I hired a personal trainer there. I got lucky because the trainer there at that time was a professional bodybuilder. He taught me how to have proper form, how to structure my workout splits etc. And from there on out, fitness has become part of my lifestyle. Sure I was always athletic, rode horses competitively, played indoor and outdoor volleyball. But never in a way that I could physically change the way my body looked and felt.

Now I want to note that my father always believed in healthy foods. He always cooked us dinners, showed me how to cook, and taught us that "those Doritos people always eat" are loaded with garbage and do not fuel your body. This is why I've always eaten somewhat healthy. I was lucky enough to be raised in an environment where food was healthy & balanced. When I started bodybuilding more seriously, I learned what was actually in all the foods, even the healthy ones. I taught myself how to count macronutrients and how my body responded to certain ratios. I also taught myself how to eat intuitively, meaning no counting, no numbers, but still able to alter my diet to reach the fitness goals I had.

Fast forward 6 years of consistent training & nutrition, I decided to compete in my first NPC bikini body building competition. A lot of people would ask why? "You're body is already amazing!" Well, I didn't do it for the extremely lean physique. In fact I wasn't looking forward to getting that lean because of how hard I worked over the years to build muscle. I did this to further my education in bodybuilding. To participate in the extreme of this sport is unlike no other.

Through the past few years I've gotten a lot of questions and inquiries from people about fitness advice and fitness plans. I would always answer with "I'm not a coach but I can give you a few tips!" And then I asked myself, why am I not offering coaching? I would be amazing at it and could help so many people. So to make sure I had every extra ounce of education, I enrolled in Fitness Online Coaching Academy and got certified as a Nutritional Science Specialist, Training Methodology Specialist, Client Assessment and Communication, and finally Fitness Business Specialist. I wanted to make sure that I am the best of the best for my clients. I am so excited to work with all of you. You are going to transform physically, mentally and emotionally through this journey and I am beyond ready to help you achieve everything you've dreamed of.

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