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Do’s and Don’ts Videos Suck

Before I harp on these, some of the do’s and don’t videos/infographics from reputable sources are really helpful for beginners, they can provide a good starting point when someone has no idea what’s safe and what’s not.


BUT some of them are really fricken wrong. Some will say that you need to do something this specific way just because that’s how the fitness industry standardized that exercise. 


Lunges are a good example, if you have a strong mind to muscle connection and you know what you’re doing you can target ANY part of your muscle. If you want to target your glutes, adjust your angle so you feel it in your glutes. That angle might be different for someone else. Wanna target your quads? Adjust your angle until you feel a proper connection in your quads.


This goes for so many exercises. Just because someone says an exercise should be performed a certain way, does NOT mean that is true for you.

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