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Sustainable Fitness Transformations

Hello & welcome!

Odds are you're here because you want to get in shape, be healthier and feel better in your skin.

You've probably tried a few diets that never stuck. You may have started eating healthier but you find yourself constantly falling off track or feeling overly restricted.

You have a goal in mind, but can't seem to get there no matter what you do.

Sound about right?

I'm here to successfully guide you towards achieving these goals the right way and make it last. 

There are no apps, no robots, no automated responses. With our 1:1 coaching we believe in keeping that personal connection with our clients.

Together we will create a path to reach your goals in a sustainable manner that works for you long term.

Fill out the coaching application and we can hop on a phone call to go over everything in detail! 

1:1 online fitness coaching 

What's included?

  • Custom training plan - home or gym - indivudual to YOUR schedule and lifestyle

  • Custom nutrition plan - meal plans & or macro based with foods you love

  • Demo exercise PDF

  • Weekly check ins & Accountability

  • Personal 1:1 attention

  • All with online flexibility

Image by Jannis Brandt


Alicia - busy working mom

"I'm a working mother of 3 kids all under the age of 7. After years of different diets, I was frustrated that nothing would ever stick. The baby weight would always come back.

Now I've seen my body change in ways I never knew were possible for me. I am so happy with her. Not only have I met my weight loss goal, but I've developed a love for strength training and even have some muscles to show for it!" 

Click on my client IG page to see real results

Alec- beginner at lifting

“I had tried other workout programs on my own with little success.   It was something that I had never considered but decided that I’d give it a shot. 

Flash forward to over a year later and she has transformed how I approach fitness.  She instilled in me that fitness is a lifestyle that doesn’t require you to give up everything just see the number on the scale change." 

Click on my client IG page to see real results

Samantha- building muscle while training at home

"Working with Koda has been absolutely amazing.  

 I've realized I’m more powerful/stronger than I thought. This whole journey has helped me reframe my mindset on life. ​​

She listens, she works with you, she adjusts based on what your body needs. She answers all of your questions.  Literally one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself."


Click on my client IG page to see real results


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